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recycling materials and technologies

Different organizations through the world have been trying to solve the problem with pollution which is damaging our planet. Recycling helps us to reduce air and water polluting, by converting our used products into new.
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Landfill operational costs are ever increasing with many machines, laborers and fuel required to get the most out of cell life when utilizing bulky soil covers. With Posi-Shell®, what once took 11 hours of labor, 11 hours of machine time and 150 gallons of fuel now takes 1 hour of labor, 1 hour of machine time, and 15 gallons of fuel. Plus, you achieve a 20% increase in cell life
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TRIP & TRAVEL supply

Professional companies have opportunity to offer you wider range then u could find yourself. Moreover, they will make for you full calculations due to your entire trip. In addition, agents take a responsibility for the bookings, so if ‘stuff happens’ you have someone to resolve problems. All in all, you won’t waste your time for searching and booking.
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About us

BSG International Trading
The range of our services becomes more wider every year.

BUSINESS SOLUTION GROUP is an international company, which operates in different areas, such as recycling materials & environmental products trading and business tourism service providing. BSG is based in Ukraine, but has a partnership with different companies all over the world. The history of our company began in the framework of Ukrainian consumers, but we are developing and, therefore, with a couple of years ago ,we opened our borders to foreign buyers to organize a durable international relationship . Ukrainian manufacturers possess a big base of top quality and premium products, that meet international standards, so our task is to find a dependable consumer and establish a long exchange between our countries.

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